Once Upon a Time


… a fairy tale started in Colombia.  was born in San Jose de Pare. was born in Cienaga and raised in Zapatoca. One day in 1997, in Bucaramanga at the Universidad Industrial de Santander we found each other.  After 7 years and a trip to El Picacho, a visit to Santa Marta, several concerts and plays at Luis A. Calvo, hours of chatting and laughing at Bienestar Universitario, Tuna rehearsals, astronomy classes, a course in New Zealand, a master degree from Japan, a Law degree, tons of emails, phone calls, love songs and letters, we finally got together in 2004, moved to Canada, kissed and lived happily ever after.

The End.

But, wait,  it is not time to “The End”  yet…

My beautiful princess jumped in to our story in the fall of 2007. You did not like to cover your feet at night and every time you woke up I had to hold you in my arms and rock you until you fall sleep again. You started talking before walking and loved to take long baths playing with bubbles and toys. You always have had gorgeous hair and very expressive and sweet eyes. You use your daddy as a toy and treat him like one of your friends at school. You still cry a lot!! And you would like to be glued to the TV 🙂  –  but we are working on that already, right? I love your creativity, your passion for dancing and your sense of independency. You make me proud every day!

My little prince – aka Samy – came across our story at the end of the summer 2011. So small, so fragile, extremely cute! You like to spend time by yourself playing and cooing in your crib. You loved to hear my voice and you scream and smile every time a grab your feet and start singing: this little pig went to market, this little pig stay home… You are a little bit picky with food, so far you do not like very much the taste of chicken but you enjoy veggies and fruits. You love tickles and get so excited every time daddy comes home after work. You wave your arms and make lots of noise. You are becoming a wonderful sweet boy. I’m sure you are going to be able to reach the stars if you want.

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