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Photo 2015-10-30, 9 24 21 PMEvery day, I browse the social media while I drink my morning coffee, and today I found an interesting posting that made me think about my relationship with wine and motherhood. Particularly I started thinking about Wednesdays that could easily be declared the Internet Wine Day. In the middle of our busy weeks, all social networks are full of hilarious images and stories about #WineWednesday. It is a fun concept though, and while I write this post I cannot avoid to smile, because, even though I don’t drink during week days, I have my own ritual to worship Bacchus; I am one of those mommies that enjoy a glass (or two) of wine at least one day a week.

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Every afternoon, at the end of my “working mama” shift, I go home and get off the bus at Blair station, except on Fridays. On this glorious day, I take a little detour, and before going home I stop at the liquor store for a bottle of wine.

Photo 2015-10-30, 9 25 49 PMOnce the kids are in bed, and my “mama shift” is done for the day, I sit back, turn on my Colombian soap opera and enjoy a glass (or two) of that marvellous grape juice that burns… Papo knows what I mean 🙂

Sometimes I change the soap opera for a movie night with Papo, a nice video chat with my sister and cousins or just for music. The side dish may vary, but the main course always remains.

During five years I was a mother that went through every possible situation that may lead to a drink at the end of the day: sleep deprivation, viruses, fevers, messy house, potty training, etc. Emily was a very active toddler and her terrible two were indeed terrible! Yes, life changed, but if I really think about it now; the changes weren’t so extreme, and parenting was relatively easy.

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At that time I was just a mom, now I am also a special needs mom

Raising Sammy, I am constantly learning and developing parental skills that I didn’t develop while I was raising only one neuro typical child. Now that the real changes appeared in my life, I have to juggle between two worlds; motivate my kids to share and include each other, while at the same time give them space to develop their own personality, without forgetting however, that papo and mama also need their own space as a couple and as individuals. It’s like many bubbles colliding with me in the middle!

Being in the middle requires sanity and the ability to be ready at all times. Mamas cannot quit or give up (that comes with the title), so they need to find a selfish treat to recharge. Mamas share everything with the family, so it’s just fair for them to find something to enjoy without feeling guilty. And that is how my unWINEding routine started, or as you may know it already from my Instagram feed; I created my #VinoViernes!

Photo 2015-10-30, 9 23 14 PM

This is my personal way to unwind. Papo bikes and other parents go to the gym; some mommies eat chocolate or do their nails. My treat is wine and it’s working wonderfully! And for the judging people out there, imagine that I come from a place where drinking wine with meals is the norm. If you see it from a culturally point of view, there is nothing much to comment about it.

So kids help yourself, continue sharing my food, my bed, my time in the toilet or the shower… no problem! I don’t care! you cannot share my Friday wine and that (for now) is priceless 🙂

Cheers to all the mommies out there enjoying or surviving motherhood one glass of wine at a time! No judging, everybody pick their bottles… I mean, their battles!

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