It is September again! Am I ready?


Going back to school is a popular blog post in September. Even though French schools started classes last week, officially all kids are back in school the Tuesday after the Labour Day weekend.

12141014_617463545060196_3724932646481658862_oSummer is not officially finished, but September’s arrival already marks the transition into a new year and a new season. People gets out of vacation mode and goes back to their routines. Animals embark in preparations for the long winter ahead while trees play with the weather to paint the view with the most amazing colours.

It is almost midnight. Labour Day is gone and as I navigate in between blogs, I reflect on my own transitions and how life is going to change this September.

Around this time last year, I was writing about Alejandro starting kindergarten and going through psychological assessments to start his IBI therapy. I remember how sad I felt when the doctor identified him towards the severe end of the spectrum while he pointed a graph on a piece of paper.

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One year after, we are going through another round of assessments. Next Monday, another psychological test will be applied to see where is Sammy, and if IBI therapy will continue in place after the changes with the autism program in Ontario for children 5 years old and older.

In three weeks we’ll celebrate Alejandro’s fifth birthday, and I cannot avoid the anxiety. As any other mom, I just want my kid to be happy and performs well in all levels. Also, I want for him as much support as possible to make sure he develops the best he can. I was told that he will continue receiving services, but I am not sure what is going to happen; if it will continue with the same treatment, if hours of therapy will be reduced and more school hours will be included. I am not sure about the best way to go. I just want whatever is the best for him.

September is here already, and I am not sure if I am ready for it.

14188388_751403074999575_1808641866696532722_oAlejandro had an awesome year: he increased his vocabulary greatly, learnt to follow some routines, acquired many preschool abilities, and his social skills continue developing so well that even, today at the park he engaged in a conversation with a little girl that approached him. He didn’t talk much, but they ran around the splash pad and enjoyed together the water like old friends.

One amazing thing conquered during this last year is the potty. Sammy is now fully potty trained! I was loosing hope, I really thought this day would never come! Lots of data collection, patience and discipline from papo was required here. While I was working, they spent more time together that was crucial for Alejandro reaching this milestone. I am very proud of him and papo. Great team work!

Lots of progress, but still lots to keep working. Many fears and obsessions that come and go. Anxiety that sometimes we are not sure how to handle. Too much hair that we have not been able to cut. Food that we would like him to try. Places that we would like to visit in his company. Still, many things for mama to learn and understand.

As I finish this post I prepare myself for the rollercoaster ahead, and write on my to-do list: remember to buy birthday candles.

2016-09-05 19.50.06

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