Screenshot_2016-07-21-18-26-42I know, there are many things happening in this world more relevant than catching a Pokémon; but if this game gives me another opportunity to bond with my daughter, why not trying it? 

Yesterday, a normal trip to the mailbox ended up in an adventure around the neighborhood… it was like chasing fairies; a great excuse to laugh and feel once again that Emily will be my baby forever, confirm that this mama is still her favorite, and get a new title: the best PokéMom!!! 

According to Emily, PokéMom is a legendary psychic-flying type who uses telepathic powers to sense family feelings and bring comfort. A strong creature that can fly to the rescue and fight with any rival; sometimes getting stunned but never dying. Proper training made her evolve, adopting different forms but keeping what makes her the best mama in the world… love!!

Screenshot_2016-07-21-18-32-01Emily has been watching Pokémon shows and collecting cards during the last years but I never paid much attention until today that she took me into her game and I actually walk by her side, listening and learning from her. I couldn’t help but wonder; how many times I’ve been not paying attention? How many times she has been trying to include me and I’ve been just interrupting? 

These interruptions led me to think about siblings. The whole experience of having a younger brother is complicated by nature, and having a younger brother with special needs make the experience a little more challenging. Emily had to jump quickly on board of the journey through the autism spectrum with Alejandro and without questioning; she had to accommodate her life.

Lately, I’ve been worrying about her relationship with Sammy. She wants to be alone avoiding interaction with him. I wish they get along better; play, share and fight like other siblings, but I can feel there is a barrier between them, and I am not sure how to bring it down. Maybe I am not giving her enough attention… maybe it is just a matter of time…*

I may have lots of doubts and make many mistakes in this journey, but if there is one thing I am sure, is about my love and gratitude for Emily. She is the most wonderful daughter and sibling, and I am sure one day, Sammy will be able to show her how happy and lucky he is for having her as his big sister.

For now, I will continue my training promising my master to listen; so one day I will be able to evolve into a mega PokéMom.


*I am researching about resources for siblings of children with autism in the Ottawa area and online. Your referrals are always welcome!
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