Finding Sammy!

I wish I could go to the movies with all the family, but theaters are something we are waiting a little bit longer to try with Sammy due to his anxiety with crowds and loud places. For now, I enjoy movies only with Emily and it’s been so much fun, it is our mommy-daughter time considering that our personalities match perfectly and we can laugh and cry with the same flicks.

As an early gift for mama’s birthday, she invited me to watch Finding Dory…. what a wonderful movie full of friendship and perseverance!

I am an autism mom, and I see myself everyday as Dory was taught wisely by her parents: “just keep swimming”.  I work hard to successfully reach to the other side. Collecting seashells to help my child find his way in life; teaching, repeating and fighting with the system if necessary, to find other ways when things seem impossible.

Despite of her challenges, Dory was able to cross the ocean. Slowly remembered how to find her family, but it took her years of loneliness and rejection. Other fishes didn’t pay enough attention or stop to help her, because they couldn’t understand her challenge of memory loss until she found Marlin and Nemo. They saw in Dory what makes her unique and treated her like family.

As much as I hope to be with Sammy forever, life happens! For now therapy is working wonderfully and we are finding our dear Sammy in so many ways. He looks at us right into our eyes, now he kisses and hugs. He laughs with his heart and shows his happiness jumping and screaming his lungs out. He is a happy boy; kind, sweet and smart.

He is improving and overcoming his challenges; he is going slowly but he is getting there! Maybe other fishes in the ocean don’t see it because as they did it with Dory, they don’t take enough time to understand him. His is not using words properly yet but he is using music, sounds and body language to let the world know that he exists and he is ready to live his life to the fullest!

Maybe crossing the ocean will take longer for Sammy, but I am sure that all the hard work during these early years will always remind him to keep swimming; and in case life separate us for any reason, I just hope he can find his own Marlin and Nemo to support him as family.

Sammy didn’t sit next to me in the theater this afternoon; he was sitting right in the middle of my heart during the whole movie 🙂


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