Dear Santa

I may not be familiar to you because I never wrote before. I grow up in Colombia, a Latin American country were baby Jesus was the one bringing gifts on December 24th, and Santa Claus was just a commercial symbol for decorations. Sorry if you didn’t know that, but it’s OK, things maybe different now; I am talking about more than 30 years ago. If you have some time in the future, we could chat about it.

I recently learned that the Elf on the shelf helps you to keep track of the good and naughty kids. Those reports must be very helpful; what a smart thinking! I will take a note of that and facilitate your work in 2016.

This year, you won’t need to stop by our house because Emily and Alejandro won’t be in. Tomorrow, we will travel to Colombia, to celebrate the holidays with family and friends after five years, and we are super excited! I know, you will miss our wonderful homemade cookies, but I promise that next year I will make it up to you, and will leave extra for Mrs. Claus!

This trip to Colombia is very special for all of us. It is very exciting to bring Alejandro for the first time to our home country. You know that new stuff make him anxious, but I am not so worry about it. I am sure that all the vitamin love from our family will help him to overcome his fears. He will have the time of his life!

We all need high doses of that vitamin too. Life has been tough during the last 5 years; mama was very sick, papo lost his job and we had to deal with the autism diagnosis all at the same time. It has been a slow process; Alejandro is in therapy and we are learning every day to understand him. It is a joy to engage with him and share his progress. We celebrate him so much and we adore him, but that doesn’t take away the daily struggle.

Emily is doing so great in school and at home trying to help with chores. We still struggling with her relationship with Sammy, maybe next year we’ll look for some extra help. We are just parents learning on the go and sometimes it is not that easy to find answers. You know, we just can love them and hope for the best…

Emily and Alejandro have been so good this year that If you still want to come by and leave some presents for them (or for all of us), that would be nice. We could enjoy them when we come back!

Please include in your red bag, lots of happiness, joy, health and love for my beautiful kids. A little bit of friendship and understanding, maybe some patience for Emily, music and swimming classes for both of them, and If you have some extra room; Alejandro’s airplane is broken and Emily would like to have a Zoomer Kitty.

For papo I just want health and a prosperous new year. He has been working so hard to go back in track, but the mineral exploration industry is still in decline. You know that he is brilliant and it is not fair to give up his dreams. He just needs an opportunity that is all! A one shot to prove how great he is!

And for this mama… you know, wine is always a great option! I have a rewarding job and the family I always wanted. I have love strong enough to survive illnesses and debts. I feel happy and lucky! If we have been able to stay together and strong during the last five years, I am sure nothing will break us in the future. Give me health and keep my enthusiasm up and I will do the rest! but I don’t mind if you leave in the bag a winning lottery ticket 🙂

Well, I will stop here. I am sure you still have tons of letters pending to read and millions of Xmas miracles to make. Enjoy the season! I hope you are not struggling because of the climate changes; maybe it is not cold enough these days for you, anyway, stay happy and warm

Please hug Rudolph for me and be careful with the cookies!

Happy Holidays!

Emily & Alejandro’s Mama


Alejandro’s only photo with Santa. We’ll keep trying to get another one, maybe next year! 🙂

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