Back to the Future!

We made it to the future! The day has finally arrived and we don’t have flying cars. Shame on you future!

Photo 2015-10-20, 10 19 49 PMThis countdown to the future, took me to my past. Just a couple of years ago – because I’m not that old  :p – I remember renting from Blockbuster the complete trilogy to watch it with my cousins in Bogota drinking Pony Malta and eating Chokis. While I enjoyed the movies, I always considered – and said it out loud- that one day I was going to buy the whole trilogy. At that time it sounded like a really big deal for me; I don’t want to go in much detail, but in the late 90’s in Colombia, it was not common to buy movies; you mainly rented them. As I mentioned before, we did it at Blockbuster, and that was a cool thing 🙂

Photo 2015-10-20, 9 58 44 PMTen years ago, I went Back to the Future on July 13th. My friend Aura Maria gave this blue trilogy to me as a birthday present, in the beginning of a friendship that still exists. She is the closest friend that I have found in Canada during the last decade, and even though we live now in different cities, when we talk it feels like jumping into the DeLorean; we can easily travel from past to the future and vice versa, and it feels like we never stopped seeing each other.

Papo was also very happy with the gift. These are by far his favorite movies, so you can imagine that we don’t need a countdown to the future to enjoy them over and over again. This trilogy has been our weekend plan for many winters. We don’t get tired! Except for Emily; when she is in charge of selecting the movies she always hide them, or if she catches papo watching them, she usually whines and says: “seriously?, not again”

Photo 2015-10-20, 9 52 21 PM

Yes, we’ll end this October 21st of the future with no flying cars operated by Mr. Fusion, with barcode license plates, robotic gas/service stations, super accurate weather forecasts that predict the exact moment when the rain is going to stop, sleep inducers, auto-adjusting clothes or self-drying jackets; but I heard in the news that Chicago Cubs has chances to win the World Series. I don’t know anything about baseball, but it sounds nice! A prediction from a movie coming true… That is heavy!

Nevertheless, lots of predictions are not that far from reality. These days we have drones, smart T.V.s, video conferences or IMAX – I know, we don’t have HoloMAX and I don’t think Jaws 19 will be ever made, but maybe the HoloMAX will be invented to enjoy (in the near future) Jurassic Galaxy or Jurassic Universe 🙂

Photo 2015-10-20, 10 00 06 PM

The countdown is coming to an end today but our grown up lives won’t let us celebrate properly at 4:29 as planned. Maybe tonight, after the kids go to bed we can watch the movies while we drink some Pepsi (not “perfect” because it won’t be sold in Canada), with Pizza made on our Pizza Hydrator / regular oven and a side of fresh grapes from a ceiling fruit dispenser / fridge; or maybe just play “retro games” – Wild Gunman sounds just appropriate for the occasion!

How are you planning to celebrate?

Enjoy. Comment. Share. Thanks for your visit! Gracias por pasar a visitarnos!

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