Celebrating Water, Family and Courage

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Last year we visited the beach for the first time with Alejandro and it was quite an experience. Here are some memories of that day!

We’ve been visiting the beach every chance we have, and things have been improving slowly. It’s amazing to look back and realize all the great milestones reached in one year. Many of his fears have improved (other have arrived) but we are learning from each other and now we have more tools to deal with them.

Photo 2015-09-06, 2 08 40 PMToday is all about celebration! Nothing about fears or challenges! Today is all about happiness, the joy of a family enjoying a warm summer afternoon at the beach, building sand castles and playing in the water.

Photo 2015-09-06, 3 38 54 PMToday we feel so proud of Alejandro! Our rock star went into the water for the first time and he loved it! He took his shoes off and enjoyed the sand on his feet – he looked so cute walking around lifting up his tiny toes because he wasn’t completely comfortable – but he managed very well. He attempted to play with the sand, although he quickly asked for help to clean up his hands, and he waited patiently on his chair eating his snack until papo took him again into the water.

It was a wonderful time at the beach! The best way to finish the season before Kindergarten starts next Tuesday

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