Ready September… Bring It On!

Photo 2015-04-24, 9 55 17 PMMy family inspires me! Sometimes, when I feel like life is too much, Emily joins me for coffee talking about the birthday party of her staff animal “cotton puff” or the evolution of her favorite Pokemon, and by the last sip of my coffee; I can smile and feel a little bit lighter.

Sometimes, when I cry because my expectations are different from my everyday life, Alejandro yells from the other side of the house “mama, I want ice-cream”, or like this morning, when I was saying good bye to Linda (his favorite teacher at daycare), he yelled “Sofia” several times and hide behind his hat while he waited patiently at the swing to be pushed… no matter how I feel, those magical words can fill my heart with sweet sugar of hope.

Sometimes when feeling frustrated is all I have to offer, papo reminds me that love is for free, and together we’ll find the way…

Photo 2015-08-01, 12 29 04 PM

This summer has been crazy! Starting with the weather; aside for a couple of really hot days, I felt cold most of the time, it felt to me like a long Fall, but with green trees and blue sky. Maybe because I was blue when the season started, my feelings made me feel like the summer never really arrived. Now that life is reorganizing again, I can look back and write about it.

As I shared with you here, I planned for months the arrival of Alejandro to Kindergarten this September, but, as you know, life usually happens when you already planned something different, and Alejandro made it to the top of the waiting list for IBI during this summer. Wonderful news if you consider that we were waiting for more than two years since the referral; but this also means that all my plans needed to be reassessed and reorganized again; and if Sammy and I have something in common, is that we don’t like surprises. Don’t get me wrong, I like surprises related to ice-cream, gifts, simple life events, etc. but I hate when structured parts of my life get disrupted all of a sudden.

Photo 2015-08-07, 12 21 27 AMAnyway, after the correspondent meetings and psychological evaluations to enter the IBI program, we met with this doctor to talk about Alejandro’s “place in the spectrum”. Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI) is supposed to be applied to kids who are placed towards the severe end of the spectrum. Wow, even remembering that afternoon still cause me some sorrow; not because he has autism, but because hearing it from a cold doctor that is just doing her job by placing your child on a scale and putting some particular labels on him was hard to hear. Anyway, now that some time has passed and I have more information about next steps on his treatment and school I don’t care about those numbers and percentages. My son is the most wonderful that I could ever had. He is the sweetest boy with strong personality and musical heart. I understand his needs and celebrate who he is. You know me, I am very skeptical; I don’t easily believe everything just because it’s “the rule”, and I’m sure this won’t be the exception, so I will welcome only what I see can help him to be the best at being him!

Photo 2015-04-26, 8 18 44 PMLike we always do, we are starting again with positive mind and the heart full of hope! September is going to be a challenging month. Good news for Emily, she will keep her old friends, because with these new circumstances she won’t change schools and tomorrow she will start third grade. Alejandro will start his IBI, 6 hours a day from Monday to Thursday, leaving him Friday to attend regular Kindergarten. Mama will start with the Fall session of her Mentorship Program and papo will continue working on his consulting business, that by the way, recently launched his website.

Ah! and we are planning our first trip to Colombia with Alejandro this December, and that is definitely, a subject for another post 🙂

Welcome September… bring it on!!!

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