Why I Like Eleanor Rigby?

Photo 2015-05-03, 1 33 29 AMThanks to Facebook I reconnected with childhood friends, neighbors and teachers from my teenage years; it is amazing how technology can bring us back in time and places so easily! I feel happy and grateful for that.

Lately, I’ve been in contact particularly with my English teacher from high school. Her name is Cecilia Ramirez. I have to be honest, and admit that at that time I didn’t like her much; but I was a teenager, and who loves authority and discipline during those wonderful years? Eh? Now I see her with totally different eyes 🙂

I still remember the first time she entered the classroom in seventh grade and said: “good morning class” and everybody replied: “good morning, Miss Cecilia”. She went straight to her desk and my sister Stella and I just looked at each other with big shy eyes. I remember her beloved chalk holder, her marvelous strategy to learn irregular verbs grouping them by the way they sound (sing, sang, sung, ring, rang, rung, etc.), her white beetle car, and her wonderful art, especially with pastels.

My name on my Facebook profile is Eleanor Rigby, and a couple of weeks ago, Cecilia sent me a private message asking me why I feel identified with that song. When I read the message I started my reply saying that Eleanor Rigby was just one of my favorite songs; but at the time I was writing, I started to re-think the question and started questioning why among all my favorite songs, I had chosen that particular one. I deleted my message and decided to write this post.

I have been a Beatles fan since I was 14 years old; and their music has always supported me in bad and good times. The Beatles faced different stages and their music was always diverse and fun. From one album to the other, they moved from the lovely early pop of “Please, please me”, “With the Beatles” and “A Hard Days Night” to a transitioning phase with “Beatles for sale”, “Help” and “Rubber Soul”; followed by the greatest psychedelic times of “Revolver”, “Sgt. Peppers’ lonely hearts club band” and “Magical Mystery Tour”; to end up going back to basics with “The white album”, “Abbey Road” and “Let it be”. I love all phases and I enjoy all their songs; so why I particularly chose Eleanor Rigby?

Two people; Eleanor and father McKenzie. A regular lady and a priest; who are not mean to be together but live in the same community, and have something in common: their loneliness. They don’t find a way to connect and they end up living their lives alone and apart. At the end, one buries the other… tragic? Ironic? We live in community, we use each other for particular purposes; but basically, we are alone…

This song is part of a transition, between The Beatles’ musical maturing to their psychedelic phase; it is a shocking song, different from the optimistic lyrics of the early years; charged with passion and every day’s pain. I don’t know anything about music, but it sounds to me heavenly; a master piece. The kind of sound that feels in your skin and when you close your eyes, it can take you away from your body, and talks to your soul.

I am also a person in transition. All my life I’ve been moving around, accommodating myself to changes from the very beginning: I was raised by the most wonderful grandparents in the world; I was the happiest child, so I can say that those were my early pop years.

When I was 11 years old, I moved to another city and another home, I got a new mom, and I learnt from  her that in life, you have to be consequent with your believes and your acts; we hated and loved each other; and by her hand, I entered my maturing transitioning years.

I left home when I was 17 years old; just starting my life as a student at the Law School. What can I say, what a wonderful time! When I discovered who I really am, I stopped believing in imaginary friends and learnt to recognize my own strength… my psychedelic phase!

Once I finished the university, I moved to Bogota, worked for two years as a lawyer, then moved to Canada with papo; my sweetheart from the time at the University. I became a Mom and built a family; and as the four of Liverpool did it, I went back to basics!

I am still in transition! We are always in transition! It is human nature… but we are alone; that is for sure.

Ahhh look at all the lonely people… where do they all come from… where do they all belong?…

Video from Youtube.com, mbbird channel – Thanks for sharing!

2 thoughts on “Why I Like Eleanor Rigby?

  1. Sofi, tal vez un día alguien que lea su blog le va a ofrecer convertirlo en un libro. Muchas veces escribe cosas que yo puedo recordarlas de primera mano como cuando habla de la comida de la abuela pero hoy todo tuve que imaginarlo y fue un maravilloso viaje. Hay días que son líneas tristes y otros líneas alegres pero en definitiva es siempre un placer leerla y encontrar en cada escrito esperanza! La quiero mucho.


    1. Hola Eli, gracias por pasar a visitarnos. Que bonitas palabras. Mientras que Emily y Alejandro hacen suyo lo que aqui escribo, me alegra que otras personas lo disfruten asi como lo hago yo. Tambien la quiero mucho 🙂


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