A Random Act of Kindness

This afternoon, Emily and mama met for lunch our dear friend Juliette; to celebrate the holidays, Juliette’s birthday and to say hello to the great 2015 that is around the corner.

A wonderful meal at Mystiko; our favorite Greek restaurant, as well as, stories about princesses, true love, laughs and beautiful gifts. It was a wonderful time that we enjoyed so much; during the last two years Juliette has been more than a colleague to mama, she has been a true friend and something like a fairy godmother to Emily and Alejandro.

Two hours passed and we had to say goodbye. When we asked our waitress for the bill she mentioned that our meals had been already paid by an anonymous Santa; she hugged us and said Marry Christmas… you must be good people!

In the beginning we were shocked! I thought it was a joke, and said to Juliette: “Come on, you already paid!” She said no! I did not! Then, we felt emotional, the idea of a stranger doing such a nice thing for us was so thoughtful… then I reflected on what just happened and I felt so good. It was the first time I was part of the chain, the pay it forward chain! I watched the movie, I’ve been following the movement of the social network for years, but I never actually experienced it.

For Juliette it was a sign of the true meaning of Christmas; for me it was a sign of hope in humanity. I clear indication that there are still lots of people out there moved by kindness and altruism.

To whoever paid our bill this afternoon thank you very much, this was a gift that we’ll always remember and treasure in our hearts. Now is our turn to continue the chain; be sure that we will very happy to pay it forward.


Enjoy. Comment. Share. Thanks for your visit! Gracias por pasar a visitarnos!

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