Family Portrait

Time for our first official family portrait… yeiiiii I prepared the clothing, fixed our hair, and pictured in my head the perfect pose with papo and mama sitting and two adorable kids on their lap; maybe some music, perfect smiles… etc.

Well, reality was just a little bit different 🙂 Alejandro’s daycare organized a family picture day and I used the opportunity to make may dream come true; considering that Alejandro cannot handle yet an official photo studio. It was a nice experience. Emily papo and mama posed with a huge smile while Sammy only wanted to play with the little toy cars and far away from us. We waited, we sang, we clapped, the photographer played with the lights until papo decided to join his game instead of making him to join us.

And it worked perfectly! Alejandro engaged with papo and decided to participate in our family project. Maybe not smiling and looking directly to the camera like mama was picturing in her head. He did it his way, and you can tell from the pictures how happy he was and how close to papo he felt.

Just like these pictures, we now see the world from a different angle; Alejandro is teaching us and we are all learning together.

A difficult journey, but we love challenges!

30 minutes later, many lights, toys and cookies; this is the result of our first attempt to a photo studio session


_MG_6745 _MG_6750 _MG_6776 _MG_6822 _MG_6830 _MG_6834

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