Let it Go

I’ve never watched the movie Frozen, but Emily has been so passionate during the last year about Elsa and Ana that I already have my very own version of the movie. She sings all the songs and particularly Let it go; she sing it in English, Japanese and the multilingual version with 25 different languages. This year she wants to be Elsa for Halloween and guess what she wants for her birthday theme?

Anyway, we learnt to love (survive) Frozen, Olaf, Ana and Elsa, but there was a little guy around us that was also loving it, and we didn’t have a clue for long time…

Alejandro is close to his third birthday and he is starting to develop his verbal language. Music has helped us to communicate a lot and particularly singing we’ve been practicing many words.

Last night, he grabbed my ukulele and decided to give us the greatest cover of Let it go ever heard! I think from now on, I have a new favorite song.

Please enjoy as much as I did!!!

Enjoy. Comment. Share. Thanks for your visit! Gracias por pasar a visitarnos!

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