Summer Love

Emily is enjoying her last weeks of summer and she is having a blast at her camp. She ends every week with new recipes for banana bread, pizza bagels or cookies and lots of stories about friend, movies, bowling, swimming, etc. For example, when she went to the Museum of Agriculture, she came home asking if we knew that mammals were the animals that give milk to their babies, she was amazed with the cows and the baby sheeps; she was on and on for hours. Every day has been a party for her and that make me feel happy as well. All her stories are amazing and fill me with joy, but there is one in particular that I would like to share here, in our online treasure box.

That afternoon, Emily sat next to me and started talking about her day as usual. She was talking and laughing at the same time when in the middle of the conversation she said: mama, today I got a boyfriend!

I was surprised but I continued with our conversation acting normal and saying: oh, you got a new friend!

But she replied: No mama, I got a boyfriend! His name is Jordy and he is 5 years old.

I couldn’t avoid a little laugh and asked her: But how come you got a boyfriend? How that happened? Who was the one with the idea?

She was very serious about it and replied: It was nobody’s idea, just happened! He was very nice to me, he played with me all day, talked to me all day and then it happened: I got a boyfriend! I told her: My dear, it is way too early to start thinking about boyfriends; you don’t even understand what it means!

At that point, papo came into our conversation and said: It is just a special friend! Emily, my dear your dinner is ready, fruit salad and hot dogs. Emily smiled and said: yummi! and we didn’t talked about if for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Emily was dancing around saying: I’m so happy; I’m going to see my boyfriend! She made me smile, it was too cute! She left for the day and we went to pick her up in the afternoon where her camp counsellor approach us saying “I just need to tell you that Emily and Jordy are so cute, they play together and take care of each other during our field trip to the Children’s Museum. At the end of the trip he brought some flowers to her and she hugged him in return. I had to take some pictures, I hope you don’t mind”

emily y jordy

That happened three weeks ago. Lately she stopped talking about Jordy and now she just calls him her special friend. I am not sure what happened, I am not giving much importance to her “boyfriend” but out of joke, this could be a little premonition of my near future, we still have many summers ahead… oh summer love.

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