A Teen Dream Come True

I already told you about my passion and love for The Beatles here. You already know how everything started and who knows how will end (I don’t think it will). When I was living in Colombia I never considered the possibility to attend a live show performed by one of The Beatles. It was a dream that I fed watching movies and documentaries about their concerts and performances on TV, like the famous Ed Sullivan Show.

Last year my dream came true for many fans in Colombia, but not for me 😦 Paul McCartney performed a wonderful concert in Bogota but I was not there. I was already living in Canada. I remember watching the news and feeling really sad about it. The concert was available on the local TV and my cousin Laura was watching it, sending me pictures of her TV and telling me which songs he was performing. I was living that concert in my head and in my heart and wishing for a concert here in Ottawa.

But I didn’t have to wait for long; my wish came true last Sunday! On July 7th I had the marvellous opportunity to watch him live, singing and dancing around, remembering his stories with John, George and Ringo and taking me back in time to the wonderful world of peace and love that they lived in the sixties. It was amazing! Music, photos, lights and fire made me scream, sing, laugh and forget in three hours all the pain and exhaustion that I had lived during the weeks I was in the hospital. With some particular songs I could see me in my room many years ago, taping songs, reading their lyrics and looking for the meaning of the words in the dictionary, singing and dreaming.

In the beginning I was a little bit concern because my health was not 100% yet, but I took my precautions and everything went very well. It was a night that I will keep in my heart forever. It was my teen dream come true.

3 thoughts on “A Teen Dream Come True

  1. Que padre que hayas podido hacer un sueno mas realidad. Muy bonita cancion Mexicana “Besame Mucho” Besame, besame mucho, como si fuera esta noche la ultima vez…”


  2. que lindo que tu sueño se halla cumplido….y que lo hallas disfrutado al maximo, esas son las recompensas por ser asi de bella con todas las personas y una mujer maravillosa….y te digo algo yo a ti te admiro un monton.


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