Emily’s First Summer Camp – Part I

IMG_9271Last summer, Emily was 4 years old and we were looking for fun activities during the school vacation. We went to our community center to register her for summer camp but she couldn’t make it; she needed to be 5 years old to be able to attend. Anyway, we found some other activities to enjoy our summer as you can see here and here.

Since the moment she turned five last November, she started talking about her summer camp this year. Yesterday while we chat on Skype, she was showing to me one by one all the stuff she was preparing for the big day: swimming suit, towel, hut, sunscreen, water bottle, etc. Suddenly she interrupted our conversation because “she needed to take a shower and go to bed early to be rested and fresh for her first day of summer camp”.

I just said: oh ok, good night my dear! But deep in my heart I was speechless…  She was so serious about it, and I have to admit, it was funny and cute. She looks so mature and responsible! My baby is growing up so fast sometimes I can’t even notice it.

This morning I woke up early and imagined her getting ready for her big day, I closed my eyes and prepared her lunch box and kissed her goodbye. I can’t wait to chat with her in the afternoon to know all details about her first adventures at the summer camp.

To be continued…

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