Working Mama

IMG_20130129_131253One month ago, mama was thinking about good resolutions for the New Year. Oh! those New Year’s resolutions that everybody use to plan, but usually never accomplish. So far, this year has been different, only one month of 2013 has gone, and mama is taking French classes, she already got a great new job, plus she tried the highway twice. What an accomplishment for a person who is highly afraid of cars and speed!

It is very exciting to be a working mama again. Even though mama enjoyed and treasured in her heart every minute she spent last year at home with you guys, her life feel more balanced now that she is working out of home again. Anyway, her brain and her mama’s heart struggles a lot, and all the time. Alejandro, you are only 16 months and you are having some trouble with your walking and speaking skills, you are dealing with therapy and doctor’s appointments, and she cannot avoid to feel guilty for leaving you now when, she knows, you need her so much. Emily, you are already use to daycares and school, so is not that complicated, but, she knows you miss her in the afternoons for coloring, baking or making crafts… You may not see her at home all the time, but mama is always looking after you, and thinking about you; she even kiss you in her heart once in a while.

Every change brings the opportunity to learn new stuff; maybe this new stage will help you to learn how to be more independent, and for sure will bring you the wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills. Mama feels very proud of you and promises to compensate you with extra love and tickles every night and during the weekends.

Life is a continuous juggling of feelings and roles, and finding the right balance between them is a challenge. But, don’t worry, challenges are good! They are the core of the excitement of being alive.

Great changes for the better already started happening. We are living a great new year!

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