Belated Happy Holidays & New Year’s Resolutions – Felices Fiestas!

xmas 2012

Wow, it’s been a long time without writing anything. Usually the silence of the house during Alejandro’s nap sparks on me a wish to start writing. Since the grandpas’ visit, there are no quiet times during the day and the nights have been full of Colombian soap-operas, warm cinnamon-apple tea, family chatting, baking and more. I guess I will retake my regular blogging routine once they go back to Colombia. Anyway, before the day (and the year) comes to an end, I must put in writing my new year’s resolutions. Here, in public, to make it more realistic and imperative.

1. I’m going to be happy. Life goes so fast and my first resolution for 2013 will be the pursuing of my happiness. Every morning, I will fill myself with optimism to see the bright side of my life. I promise to stop the daily amount of complains and notice more the huge number of reasons I have to be thankful and happy. I will find more time for myself to love and take care of me.

2. I’m going to be successful. I will try every day to be the mommy you deserve. I will be the most caring mother, the most loving spouse, the best sister, cousin, and friend. I will also find a wonderful job that will help me to develop other aspects of myself. I will learn French.

3. I’m going to be free. I will try my best to enjoy the simple life. To leave without silly bindings and to realize that the most important things in life aren’t things.

4. I’m going to face my fears. Particularly, I will face my fear to drive. I will be brave and I will learn to go on the highway. This is big!! I’m committing to leave the neighbourhood and hit the road. By the end of 2013 I will take the G test.

5. I’m going to meet my New Year’s Resolutions. No comments

I will keep you updated on the completion of my resolutions. Don’t worry! If you keep coming you will have the honor to judge me at the end of 2013 😀 Thanks for your visits and your comments during this year. It was a pleasure to read your messages while my kids are able to read what I write for them. Happy New Year!!!


De los 365 días del año, el último de Diciembre tiene una magia especial para mí. Simbólicamente me permite parar y comenzar de nuevo. Continuar con todo lo bueno y desechar todo lo malo. Es como si empacara alegrías, sonrisas, palabras, atardeceres, sueños, personas, fotografías, chocolates y objetos, y los llevara conmigo mientras cruzo un angosto e imaginario puente. Una vez del otro lado el puente desaparece y por delante solo veo luz y una amplia variedad de posibilidades para incrementar mis alegrías, recibir y regalar más sonrisas, escuchar y ofrecer más palabras, mirar más atardeceres, elevar un poco más mis sueños, recordar a muchas personas y conocer a muchas otras, observar y tomar muchas más fotografías, comer más chocolates y coleccionar más objetos…

Gracias por todo y Feliz Año!

Enjoy. Comment. Share. Thanks for your visit! Gracias por pasar a visitarnos!

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