Today is October 1st, and while I had my morning coffee looking out the window I could see my life reflected on the trees at the other side of the road. Fall is here, and the shiny green of their leaves is turning yellow and red. Soon they will fall, to come out next year and shine again. As those leaves, I’ve been living in a constant changing state since the beginning. Not too long after I was born in a small town called Cienaga, located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, I moved to Zapatoca for a new start at my grandpa’s house. I was eleven years old when I started again in Bucaramanga. When I was 22 years old I moved to Bogota for a couple of years until I ended up moving to Windsor, Canada with papo in 2004. Seven years later we decided to look for a better future in Ottawa, and, even though we’ve been here for a year already, we are still facing the challenges of the new city, people, jobs, etc.

Places, houses and people have come and go. My life has never been static, and this season, these colors and especially those trees help to remind it. Even around the house, I’m constantly moving things from their original place. Sometimes papo gets upset when he goes into the kitchen looking for the coffee machine or a wooden spoon and he has to think again to realize I moved them to another place. Now that I write about it seems funny, I have to admit that sometimes I get confused too, but this habit makes me happy, it gives me the opportunity to restart things, to renew my daily life; and since I moved to Canada, and especially since I have my kids, this season offers me the perfect excuse to do it in a colorful and magical way.

This country in fall is beautiful, it looks to me like fresh paint on a canvas, bathed with a cool breeze and the wonderful murmur of my children’s dreams of princesses and bears. It is the perfect excuse to start dressing up the entire house with colors and lights, to bake cookies, eat candy, and jump on top of piles of leaves. Our Oktoberfest opens our happiest time of the year. Instead of beer, ours is full of colors and sweets, and marks the beginning of the end. Soon Thanksgiving, and Halloween will come; as well as Emily’s birthday, Xmas, New Years and the beginning of a new life at the end of the holidays. These days make me feel so close to my children, and I love it! It feels like I’m a child again!

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