A Day Off

This summer has been a good time for Emily and Alejandro to get to know each other. Alejandro laughs every time he sees Emily jumping, singing or dancing around. Now that he is crawling, he follows her everywhere, especially into her room full of treasures and bright colors. At this point is easy to guess that Emily is not very happy about this situation. She wants her privacy and sometimes she closes her door to play or just comes to me crying and moaning: I don’t want to play with Alejandro, he is just a baby!!

I can only smile in my head about this. I remember the time when I wanted to be just like my sister, (she is older than me) and she was not very happy about it. Anyway, Every time we have the same situation, I try to make Emily realize that Alejandro loves her and sees her as a role model, and that is the reason why he wants to spend a lot of time with her. Also he is just a baby, and he is learning from everything around him!

But this morning was different. I was still talking about the reasons why she has to be patient with her little brother, when Emily interrupted me saying: mama, do you know what is a day off? Obviously I replied yes, I know! Emily said: no mama, say that you don’t know what it is. I said: ok, I don’t know! Could you please tell me?

Mama, a day off is a day when you go outside or you stay at home without your parents or your little brother bothering you!

I wanted to laugh so hard, but her face was so serious about her comment, that I was not sure about the best words to tell her at that moment. I just hugged her and told her that she should learn to be patient and enjoy these years and her family as much as she can.

She left the room moaning: I just want a day off without Samy!

I stayed thinking: this is just the beginning!

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