My First Summer Break – Part 1

In Colombia, we are just familiar with the concepts of summer and winter, being winter = rain and summer = drought. We do not relate seasons to cold or heat because temperature is pretty much the same during the whole year. Most of the kids start their school year in February and finish in November, with a break between June and August. Those days in the middle of the year are my closer look to a summer vacation here in Canada. I remember those days!! Every day was super fun! I used to watch lots of TV, and usually, we travel to the Caribbean to visit family and have fun at the beach. Sometimes, my aunt Blanca Ines used to take me and my sister to her house, and register us for swimming and computer classes. We used to eat lots of ice-cream, and we did not have other job different from having fun with friends and family. When I went to the university or even when Emily was attending daycare, things changed a lot, but still, I got enough time to enjoy myself and it did not matter to me the time of year we were dealing with. A couple of weeks ago my bubble totally burst! Emily finished her first year of formal school, and I am not working outside the house. I’m still on maternity leave; Alejandro is just 9 months old, so these days I am a stay at home mother with one 4 years old girl full of energy, a husband recovering from a minor surgery, and incontrollable fear of highways (so the places I can go by myself are very limited), a baby teething and learning how to crawl, some chipmunks eating the seeds I planted on my back yard and a marmot eating the ones that scaped from the chipmunks but grew enough to be seen by our visitor, etc. etc…

I was reaching my limits! So I had to stop for a minute to design an action plan: To canalize Emily’s energy I registered her for swimming classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, soccer lessons on Tuesdays and Ballet on Thursdays. Alejandro is also taking swimming lessons at the same time so mama is swimming as well, is fun and I enjoy our time together but my arms hurt a lot after each lesson; he is a chubby baby. Both of them love water and the pool, and this is marvellous for me because as soon as we come back home, they eat and fall sleep almost immediately. Papo is feeling better and we try to spoil him a lot. Is difficult for him to take it slow but we are there to remind him to do it. About the garden… I just gave up! I let the wild plants to grow and I made it colourful with some plastic flowers… if you look at them fast, you can’t tell the difference, hahaha

But, what about me? We still have more than a month to go! I wonder if I am going to survive this summer! I am already tired, and my action plan is not enough. I need to come out with more fun activities for my kids on top of all my other responsibilities, and my job search (because I’m looking for a new job in Ottawa). Oh well! Pleasures of motherhood! Don’t worry mama, this is just the beginning!

I will conclude this post at the end of the summer; I hope I ended up being a master in how to entertain children during summer vacation and don’t die in the attempt. We’ll see! 🙂

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