I Will

When I started blogging I had the idea to create a collection of stories for my kids, to remember mommy and their childhood years. We are just starting and I’m enjoying every part of it. I want to tell and show them so much! I want them to see through my lines the “behind the scenes” of mommy’s behaviours. Thus, I must include here my love for The Beatles. Once in a while, I will write about songs that I like or events related to them that I still keep in my heart.
Today I remembered the first song I heard; it was Yesterday. I was in my first year of high school and Halver (our English teacher) brought the song to class to make it more exciting. At that time I did not paid attention, I finished the class without learning anything new and I did not care. Three years later, in Bucaramanga, the Universidad Industrial de Santander was celebrating the British week and a concert with a band from Bogotá called Noches de Liverpool was part of the program. It was a nice Friday afternoon, and without any other plans, my sister and me went to the concert.
It was love at first sight! This time I gave all my attention. I could not understand a word because I was very bad with English, but the music possessed me and I got captivated by that sound. (One day you will totally understand me. Wait until you become teenagers:))
From that day on, I started to research about the band; I collected as much as I could with very limited resources. I recorded on cassettes a total of 299 songs, t-shirts, posters, a biographical book, a guitar and piano course of their most famous songs, the photocopy of an entire book with all their lyrics in English and Spanish; I started studying English because I wanted to understand what they were singing about, I wrote about them, I talked about them all the time (even to the point to become annoying :p), they became my friends, supported me when I was sad and celebrated with me when I was happy.
Oh what a wonderful time!! Obviously I still love them and I will do it forever, but fortunately the teen years are gone and now they are not an obsession anymore. I grew up! You are very young now, but time goes so fast, and while sitting here I cannot avoid wondering about the future. I must confess that thinking about your teen years scares me a lot. Now that I look back, I can see me at that age and I just hope for the best… you are the most wonderful children, you mean the world to me and whatever the future brings, I’ll be prepared. Oh, you know I will, I will!


5 thoughts on “I Will

  1. It brings to my memory that friday afternoon in 1997, at the university, when I was wearing that black t-shirt with the image of John Lennon in front, and when we were still beggining to know each other, and you just opened your eyes once you saw me wearing that t-shirt, like a child looking at a lollipop….Who would know that after all these years and with the T-shirt gone, we were still here together, with two beautiful children and “all my loving to you”


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