Living la Vida Loca

Friday used to be my favorite day of the week. Since the morning I used to feel lighter, worry-free, in the mood for friends, music, beers, fun! Oh how I loved them!

When I was a child, I could go to bed a little bit late and wake up also late the next day to watch cartoons. The teen years weren’t the exception; movies, popcorn, ice-cream, concerts, always something fun to do! The university and working years were even better. I loved to feel at the end of the day that the work was done and I did not have to worry about schedules for the next day. I could party all night if I wanted because Saturday was there, waiting to embrace me and just relax. Oh those days living that vida loca were marvellous!!

Tonight, when I finished putting my kids to bed, I couldn’t wait to go downstairs to just lie down on the sofa and do nothing else. I turned off the TV; I did not want to hear or do anything, just being there. And I asked to myself: where did it go? What happened to the light – worry-free – crazy – fun – Friday’s feeling?  Do I miss it? Why am I thinking about it this Friday night?

I got up, looked around the living room full of toys and found my answers. The feeling remains, even though I’m not working outside the house these days, Friday’s feeling still lives in me, but with different shapes. Life is not static my dears, you will change and you will do it a lot. Your feelings and your habits will also change and, you will learn that your life revolve around so many factors that will make you change constantly. And that is good, because those changes will help you to become wise and strong.

My life has changed, a lot. Now I live in a crazy world of diapers, bottles, cryings, smiles, cooings, lullabies, coloring books, princesses, ponies, vegetable soup, ballet classes, chocolates, vitamins, vaccines, runny noses, kisses, hugs, and many more wonderful and tiring things. I still need to have time for myself, and have some fun, but I can also be happy just lying here on this sofa.

Ok, I could also invite papo and add some music and wine to celebrate while you are sleeping; because now, indeed, I’m Living la Vida Loca.

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