Lullaby and Good Night

You always hear me joking about my multiple work shifts: working mom, house keeper, wife, playmate, chef, waitress, teacher, queen, and more. But I can tell you without a joke that my favorite shift of all is the time we spend together before going to bed. I really hope you will remember it the same way I see it now. It is our special time alone, just you and me, one at a time, like the rest of the world doesn’t exist, just Alejandro and mommy then Emily and mommy.

Every night (except weekends, they are a little different), Emily drinks her milk while I bath you, my little prince.  You are eight months now and you love water. You get so excited when I sprinkle your belly; you laugh all the time while you open your tiny hands trying to catch the thin threads of water in the air. You cannot do it, but you try over and over again. You look so amazed and I just enjoy it. I try to steal as much as I can from that moment; I need to do it, because I know that one day you won’t be amazed with that game anymore and it will be time for you to take your bath alone. But, while that day comes, is time for pyjamas, milk and the rocking chair joy. I tickle your back and your belly and you scream of joy, I sing and you pay so much attention to my face and my voice. You smile and my life melts. Sometimes you are cranky and you don’t want to sleep; maybe you had a bad day or your tummy aches. Anyway, I hug you, and I do it not only with my arms, I hug you with my heart. As soon as you start falling sleep, I bring you to your crib, I turn off the lights and I close the door wishing you the sweetest dreams, my wonderful boy.

Once I finish with Alejandro is your turn my beautiful princes. Usually you are downstairs dancing around, watching TV or playing with Papo. I have to call you more than once but in the end you come with a smile in your face. You are a big girl now! Soon you will be 5, now you are able to take off your clothes and bring it to the laundry basket. Sometimes I bath you, other times we take a shower together, and that is so much fun. We play with soap, we sing and you are very loud because you enjoy the eco. You are scared to put your head under the shower and I still don’t understand why! But you are practicing and doing it better every day. Again, I try to keep those moments in my heart; if I close my eyes, I think I can hear you laughing in the bathtub. Then is time for pyjamas, a story and a song. You don’t have a favorite book yet. You enjoy all your books and you already know by heart some of the stories. Sometimes, you are the one that end up reading to me. I feel very proud when I see you doing it! La, la, la, is the way you call your favorite lullaby. I sing it while I tuck you in bed. Then I ask: Who loves you my dear? And you reply: mama! I kiss you with love; I turn off the lights and I leave the room.

Tonight, you gave me a tip. You gave me a longer answer that I will always remember!

Mama asked: Who loves you my dear? 

Emily replied:  mama! And I love you a hundred million kasillion twenty two nueve once times … that’s a big number eh!

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