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Everyday Autism: Bad Hair Day!

How many of you remember feeling anything while you were washing or brushing your hair this morning. Or the sensation in your head last time you got a hair cut. If you really think about it, you may remember if the water was cold or hot but nothing too relevant. These are daily living activities that many of us do without thinking. For many children … Continue reading Everyday Autism: Bad Hair Day!

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Meet Rodeo! Alejandro’s Autism Assistance Dog

A couple of days after Rodeo arrived, Emily asked me what do I like the most about him. I didn’t know what to answer so I just changed the subject. That night, I went to bed wondering how a person who has been scared of dogs all her life, in only three weeks can feel like she had loved Rodeo for years? Going back in time, I … Continue reading Meet Rodeo! Alejandro’s Autism Assistance Dog

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Rocking the Spectrum

Usually around this time of the year I complain about the endless winter in Canada, I dress in blue, and I join the conversation about autism awareness. Since 2007, April 2nd has been dedicated to talk about autism, to educate the public about the reasons why many of our kids flap around when they get excited, laugh for no reason, or don’t laugh at all, … Continue reading Rocking the Spectrum

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Family Portrait

Time for our first official family portrait… yeiiiii I prepared the clothing, fixed our hair, and pictured in my head the perfect pose with papo and mama sitting and two adorable kids on their lap; maybe some music, perfect smiles… etc. Well, reality was just a little bit different 🙂 Alejandro’s daycare organized a family picture day and I used the opportunity to make may dream come … Continue reading Family Portrait

Honouring my women clients. Today I’m one of them

Today is International Women’s Day (IDW) and since early this morning I’m getting lots of messages on WhatsApp and social media congratulating me. Thank you very much dear friends and family, but IWD is not a holiday. It is a day to remember the call for gender equality that many women have been fighting since the early 1900s. Reducing march 8th to a celebration of … Continue reading Honouring my women clients. Today I’m one of them